Introductory Workshop

A chance to experience Pilates and see the studio. The workshops take place on Saturdays and last 2 hours. We will look at some basic principles of Pilates, such as breathing, centering and alignment of the pelvis and spine.

Perfect for newcomers! The introductory workshops are taught in German.

Please note that due to our spatial limitations in our current space, we are not offering introductory workshops at this time. We will post upcoming dates in the next few weeks.

In the case that you are interested in a trial class, please sign up for one of our beginner classes.

Here you can find our schedule, including all the lower level classes we offer at the Studio: Einsteiger&P1_Kurse_9_2017

Group Classes

We offer classes for small groups for up to six participants.

Props such as balls, Pilates circles and rollers are available.

All group classes are taught in German. For class times, see the schedule: KursplanA_2017_9

Here are extracted all the lower level classes, suitable for Beginners: Einsteiger&P1_Kurse_9_2017 Please sign up in advance.

Trial lesson 10,00 €
Single lesson 15,00 €
5-class card 70,00 € (good for 2 months)
10-class card 130,00 € (good for 4 months)
20-class card 230,00 € (good for 6 months)

Duo Training

Two clients – One Trainer: A way to share the trainer’s attention and the cost.

Small props and the Pilates studio equipment are available.

Duo Training can be taught in German or English.

Contact us to schedule Duo Sessions. Our Rates:

Trial lesson 30,00 € / 15,00 € p.P.
Single session 60,00 € / 30,00 € p.P.
5-session card 280,00 € / 140,00 € p.P. (good for 2 months)
10-session card 520,00 € / 260,00 € p.P. (good for 4 months)

Personal Training

The ideal and individual way of doing Pilates:

In addition to small props, Pilates studio equipment (Cadillac, Reformer, Chair) is available.

Personal Training is availbale in German and English.

By appointment. Our rates:

Trial lesson 27,50 €
Single session 55,00 €
5-session card 260,00 € (good for 2 months)
10-session card 495,00 € (good for 4 months)

Specialty Classes

Classes taught by Isabel get financial support from the health insurance providers, as she holds the certificate of the Zentrale Prüfstelle. Her certificate number is: 20160609-780293

Isabel’s Schedule:

Mondays at 5:15 pm, 6:30 pm & 7:45 pm

Tuesdays at 8:45 am, 10 am, 5:45pm & 7 pm

Thursdays at 5:45 pm, 7 pm & 20:15 pm

Fridays at 3:15 pm , 4:30 pm & 5:45 pm

To inquire about levels and whether there is room in the classes please contact the studio at


 5x Pilates Grouptraining + 2x Pilates Personal Training
   160,00 €
5x Pilates Grouptraining + 3x Pilates Duo Training
   145,00 €
 5x Pilates Grouptraining + 2x Pilates Personal Training+ 1x 60 Minutes     Massage  210,00 €
 5x Pilates Grouptraining + 2x Pilates Personal Training+ 1x 90 Minutes  Massage

(all combicards are good for 3 months)

220,00 €