Bea Fritzsching

…originally from Darmstadt, studied circus and theatre in the UK (Bristol and London) She came to Yoga during her time as a trapeze artist and physical theatre performer. Yoga quite literally put her feet back on the ground and she found a sense of home coming in the practice of yoga, that offers both physical discipline and a deep sense of mental and emotional release. She has been practising Yoga for 25 years now and teaches full time since 2006. (British Wheel of Yoga) 

Teaching Yoga in London’s  financial district allowed her to gain experience of working with highly stressed out clients with different levels of burnout. Since returning to Germany in 2011 Bea teaches full time as a yoga instructor and lecturer in the mind body field. Here in Berlin her clients included both artists from Friedrichstadt Palast and female refugees from Arab countries. Having such a diverse range of teaching experience informs her work as a teacher trainer (since 2014) . She is certified by the German health insurances,  member of the BDY.  Her students like her sense of humour, relaxed attitude and precision in her instructions.  She has also practised Pilates for many years and believes Yoga and Pilates are a dream team:

‘ Yoga and Pilates are a wonderful combination if the principles are clearly taught. I am very happy to offer a Yoga course at  A Pilates – I have enjoyed coming here as a participant and was always impressed by the quality of the studio and its teachers.