Here are our offerings for Pilates Mat Training

We have structured our schedule not only in different formats, but also in levels: Absolute Beginners, Pilates 1, 2 and 3 and, for our aging clientele, Pilates Gold. As well do we offer Pilates mat classes taught in English and one Fascia Pilates class per week. Purchases that you make here are valid for any and all of these different Mat classes.

For new clients we suggest the Absolute Beginner Level. If you have some prior experience with Pilates, Pilates 1 is the right level for you. Pilates 2 is an intermediate/advanced level and Pilates 3 advanced/master, especially designed for those who practice Pilates for several year already and have no physical limitations.

All classes in this category run 60 minutes and the maximum amount of participants is 8.

Be aware: If you are interested in participating in a health-insurance sanctioned class to get the partial reimbursement after completing a 10-week course, go the the appropriate category to make your purchase.