Did you just find us?

Welcome!!! We are excited that you are browsing on the Studio website und hope to welcome you at the studio in the near future.  Especially for new clients and absolute Pilates beginners we occasionally offer Introductory workshops.

These are divided in three categories:

  • Introductory workshop Mat – This is a 90-minute workshop fokussing on the main Pilates Principles, such as correct breathing, centering and core engagement and correct alignment of the spine. We are working on short and simple movement sequences, focussing on finding precision and natural grace of the movement.  Maximum participants is 10
  • Introductory workshop Reformer – A 75-minute workshop to get an introduction to the apparatus “Reformer”, a large piece of equipment conceived by Joseph Pilates. We work with and against the resistance of springs, learn how to safely get on and off the Reformer, and practice a number of exercises from the Pilates Repertoire. Maximum participants is 4
  • Introductory workshop Springs – A 75-minute workshop to get an introduction to the apparatus “Springboard”, piece of equipment based on the cadillac or trapeze table, which was conceived by Joseph Pilates. Here we also work with and against the resistance of springs, but combine this approach with some of the mat repertoire. The exercises are performed lying supine or prone, sitting, kneeling, even standing. Maximum participants is 6

At the time we have no dates planned for introductory workshops. Instead we suggest the following:

In the case that you are interested in participating, we suggest that you sign up for an absolute beginner class. There we carefully explain all the important details and principles that you later apply in all class formats.

You can register an account on the Client Log-In page and then take a look at our online shop to make a first purchase, if you like. All of our products are digital and show up right away in your account.

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