Introductory Workshops

An opportunity to experience Pilates and see the studio. The workshops take place on Saturdays and last 2 hours. We will look at some basic principles of Pilates, such as breathing, centering and alignment of the pelvis and spine.

Fee for an introductory workshop: 20,00€

Dates: The next workshops will take place on Saturday February 23rd from 13 – 14:30h.

Perfect for newcomers! The introductory workshops are taught in German.

Here you can find our schedule, including all the lower level classes we offer at the Studio: AnfängerKurse_01_2019


Introductory Springs Workshop:

In our new studio we offer classes with the Pilates Springboard. The Springboard is a perfect balance between the Pilates mat work and the Reformer. Exercises can be done seated, standing, kneeling, and lying down using resistance and assistance training to build core strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility.

To introduce our clients to this apparatus we will offer workshops as well.

Fee for an introductory Springs class: 20,00€

Dates: The next introductory workshop for Springs will be posted soon

Perfect for Pilates practitioners with some Mat or Equipment experience!


Group Mat Classes

We offer mat classes for small groups with up to eight participants

Props such as balls, Pilates rings and rollers are available.

All group classes are taught in German. For class times, see the schedule: Kursplan_2019_März

Let us know which class you would like to register for

Our rates for group mat classes are as follows:

Trial lesson 12,00 €
Single lesson 16,00 €
5-class card 75,00 €   (good for 2 months)
10-class card    140,00 €   (good for 4 months)
20-class card   250,00 €   (good for 6 months)



Personal Training

The ideal and individual way of doing Pilates:

In addition to small props, Pilates studio equipment (Cadillac, Reformer, Chair) is available.

Personal Training is availbale in German and English.

By appointment only. Our rates:

Trial Lesson  40,00 €
Singel Session 60 €
5-session card 280 €   (valid for 2 months)
10-session card 540 €   (valid for 4 months)
20-session card 1.000 €   (valid for 6 months)



Duo Training

Two practitioners  – One Trainer

An opportunity to share the cost of a session and work with a selected partner

Duo Training can be mat work with props, Springs and Reformer Training

Appointments can be made by calling us or writing an email. Our rates:

Trial lesson 40,00 € / 20,00 € p.P.
Single session 60,00 € / 30,00 € p.P.
5-session card   280,00 € / 140,00 € p.P.   (valid for 2 months)
10-session card   540,00 € / 270,00 € p.P.   (valid for 4 months)
20-session card    1.000,00 € / 500,00 € p.P.   (valid for 6 months)



New!!! Reformer – small group classes with the original Pilates Refomer

What is the Pilates Reformer?

The Pilates Reformer consists of a platform (the “bed” or “wagon”) mounted on or sliding over a rail. This platform is connected to the frame of the device via 5 springs and can be moved back and forth. On this platform you can practice Pilates exercises lying, sitting, kneeling, and even standing, strengthening your trunk muscles, stabilizing the trunk, and mobilizing the joints in a variety of ways. Unlike in mat training, we always work with a resistance, sometimes stronger, sometimes less, depending on whether the focus of the exercise is building strength, mobilization or stabilization.

We offer courses for small groups of up to 4 participants.

Our rates are as follows:

Trial Lesson 20,00 €
Single Lesson 25,00 €
5-class card 115,00 €   (good for 2 months)
10-class card   225,00 €  (good for 4 months)
20-class card   400,00 €  (good for 6 months)


The Reformer classes need a minimum of 2 participants

We offer the following Reformer classes:

Tuesdays at 8:45h with Caroline

Fridays at 16:45h with Jon

Fridays at 18h with Tanja

We are offering Introductory Reformer Workshops:

Wednesday, 20.2. from 20:15h – 21:30h

Saturday, 23.2. from 11:15h – 12:30h

Fee: €25 for 75 Minutes, max. 4 participants

Pilates Springs Classes

The Springboard is a perfect balance between the Pilates mat work and the Reformer. We are working with and against the resistance of springs, which are connected to the springboard. Exercises can be done seated, standing, kneeling, and lying down using resistance and assistance training to build core strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility.

We offer classes for small groups with up to six participants.

The rates are as follows:

Trial lesson 15,00 €
Single lesson 20,00 €
5-class card 95,00 €   (good for 2 months)
10-class card   180,00 €   (good for 4 months)
20-class card   320,00 €   (good for 6 months)

We offer the following Springs classes:

Mondays at 10h with Katja and 19h with Jon

Tuesdays at  20:15h with Jon or Isabel

Wednesdays at 18h with Caroline

Thursdays at 18:45h with Jon

Fridays at 8:45h and 15:30h with Tanja

We offer an introductory workshop for Springs on Saturday, 26.1. from 13h – 14:15h. Maximum 6 participants, fee €20

Pilates Gold

Since 2018 we offer a new class format: Pilates Gold

What is this?

Of course we are firmly convinced that every body, whatever age, can benefit from Pilates. In This course we take into account special themes that can occur with ageing, e.g. Arthritis, osteoporosis, artificial joints, slipped or other degenerative phenomena. The course is suitable for customers over 55/60 years, for Pilates beginners and also for those who feel that they have to be particularly mindful. Pilates is provided with content that does not compromise the joints and the level is adjusted exactly to the participants. Pilates without stress. Or Just Pilates for the golden years of life!

We offer Pilates Gold classes on the following days:

Mondays from 10 – 11h and  from 11:15h – 12:15h

Wednesdays from 10:15h – 11:15h

Thursdays from 11:15h – 12:15h


Fascia Pilates

Since 2018 we offer Fascia Pilates Training

Fascias are connective tissue tracts that span our entire body, wrapping and connecting every muscle, every bone and every organ. Fascias want to be challenged, otherwise they will stick, matt and harden, resulting in reduced mobility or pain. The Fascia Pilates Training combines the classical Pilates exercises with different training impulses of the fascial-fitness principles according to Dr. med. Robert Schleip. This can be done for example by elastic bouncing, catapulting, rolling or sensing.

Thursdays at 10:00 am with Tanja

Fridays at 4:45 pm with Tanja

These classes are suitable for Pilates practitioners of all levels and can be booked online. The cost for Fascia Pilates is the same as for mat classes.

Classes sanctioned and supported by the Health Insurance

Isabel and Ferdinand hold the certificate of the Zentrale Prüfstelle.

Isabel’s certificate number is: 20160609-780293 and Ferdinand’s certificate number is: 20180516-1012555

We offer classes three times per year, in blocks of 10. You may sign up for these classes, if you wish to participate and get a partial refund from your health insurance.

It is mandatory to participate in 80% of the classes in order to get the reimbursement of the health insurance.

New classes starting in the spring:

Starting on March 15th Fridays at 9h 

Starting on March 15th Fridays at 15:15h (for participants with previous Pilates experience – Pilates 1 Level),  and at 16:30h 

Starting on March 18th Mondays at 19:45h

Starting on March 19th Tuesdays at 17:45h

Starting on March 20th Wednesdays at 9h and at 10:15h for participants in their “Golden Years”

Starting on March 22nd Fridays  at 18h (for participants with previous Pilates experience – Pilates 1 Level)

To inquire about further levels and dates, and to register for one of the classes please contact us at or via the contact page.

Postnatal Pilates

The baby is there … but while the uterus contracts to its original size after pregnancy, the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles are extremely weakened and need active support. While working our way back to our old figure and form these are the muscles that need the most focus first. The goal is to get back to a stable body center. About six to eight weeks after birth, when the pelvic floor has stabilized a bit, you can start this course. For women who delivered via caesarean section, the wound should be healed well, the suture should no longer be painful.

The course training takes into account any existing rectal diastasis. The rectus diastase is a gap between the straight (vertical) abdominal muscle. It develops during pregnancy and closes in the first weeks after childbirth. During this time, it’s all about re-strengthening the underlying muscle layer in the abdomen, which encloses the trunk like an inner corset …… in the spirit of the Pilates method.

This is a not an open course, so online registration is not possible. If you would like to register for this course, please contact us by email or by phone. In order for the course to take place we need at least three participants.

Class time will be Wednesdays from 11:15 am – 12:15 pm. Mothers may bring their baby to this class.


At Studio A Pilates we also offer full body massage. Jon is a certified massage therapist for Swedish and deep tissue massage. You may book a 60 or 90 minute massage sessions with Jon by calling us or by writing an email to or via the contact page

60 minute massage 60 €
90 minute massage 80 €
5 – massage card   280,00 € / 375,00 €   (valid for 5 months)
10 – massage card   540,00 € / 720,00 €   (valid for 10 months)

Please note that we are not licensed to take prescriptions issued by doctors.


We offer further discounts for clients who want to mix up and expand their training. Offers and rates are as follows:

5 x Pilates Mat + 2 x Pilates Personal Training  170 €  (valid for 3 months )
5 x Pilates Mat + 3 x Pilates Duo Training  155 €  (valid for 3 months )
5 x Pilates Mat + 5 x Pilates Springs  150 €  (valid for 3 months )
10 x Pilates Mat  + 10 x Pilates Springs  270 €  (valid for 5 months )


For classes you can register as usual, PT and Duo Training by appointment only