We hope you are enjoying the lovely summer!

Since we moved a year ago we are happy to be able to offer you more spacious studios. We are now located at  Wir sind nun  Pfalzburger Straße 42, only minutes from our old location. In addition to more space, a dressing room with lockers and a small sitting area we expanded our schedule and have more class formats on offer. In all, we offer almost 50 group classes per week and still offer Personal and Duo Training. We trust that you will find a class format and level that suits you.

Starting immediately we are offering the following new classes:

Reformer classes:

Mondays at 8:45h (as of August)

Thursdays at 18:45h pm


We also expanded on our Springs class offerings as follows:

Mondays at 10h and 19h

Tuesdays at 20:15h

Wednesdays at 18h

Thursdays at10h and 18:45h

Fridays at 15:30


Fascia Pilates:

offered by Tanja, certified Pilates Bodymotion Faszien Trainer takes place as follows:

Fridays at 16:45h…. and is open to all levels. 


Pilates Gold! What is that?

Of course, we are firmly convinced that every body, whatever age, can benefit from Pilates. In This course, we take into account especially themes that can occur with aging, e.g. osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, artificial joints, slipped or other degenerative phenomena. The course is suitable for customers over 55/60 years, for Pilates beginners and also for those who feel like having to be particularly careful. Pilates content that does not endanger the joints and the level is adapted exactly to the participants (inside). Pilates without stress. Or just, Pilates for the golden years of life!

 Mondays and Thursdays at 11:15h 



In case you have questions or to register for a class please contact us:


We look forward to seeing you at the Studio!