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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a method of exercise, developed by Joseph Pilates, which emphasizes the mind-body connection, core strength and balanced muscle development.

If you are curious about who “Joe” Pilates was, click here

It is based on six principles:

1. Centering

All movement originates in the center. In Pilates, the center refers to the deep musculature of the pelvis, abdomen and spine.

2. Control

The quality of movement depends upon control. Movements should always be controlled to avoid injury and achieve optimal results.

3. Concentration

One goal of Pilates is to connect the mind with the body; and concentration is vital to attain this connection. With each movement, concentrate and focus on all the details and the body as a whole.

4. Precision

Each movement has a purpose and should be performed precisely. Movements should be clear and direct.

5. Breath

Conscious breathing supports the movements, deepens the mind-body connection and provides a rhythm for the movement.

6. Flow

Dynamic flowing movement is important for exercise in general. Sudden, jerky movements should be avoided.

How does Pilates work?

Using gravity, breath and/or spring resistance, Pilates uses whole body movements targeting specific muscle groups to re-educate movement patterns and rebalance the underlying muscular and structural systems in the body.

Poor posture and alignment as well as imbalanced muscular tensions can be corrected by performing specific, controlled movements with the careful guidance of one of our qualified instructors.

How can you benefit from Pilates?

  • You will improve your posture, health and overall fitness
  • You can reach specific physical goals and challenge your athletic ability
  • You can return your body to movement after a sedentary phase
  • You will expand your body awareness
  • You will reclaim trust in your body’s abilities
  • You will look better, feel better, live better
  • You can live a happier, more-fulfilled life

Have we sparked your interest? Feel free to contact us with questions or take a look at our class schedule to find a fitting course for you. For total Pilates beginners, we offer a Saturdays Basic Course at 11:30 am. In addition we have several courses per week labeled Mischlevel Einsteiger/Pilates 1 Kurse. In these courses total beginners are as welcome as people who have been coming for a while, but want to take it somewhat easy.