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Class Schedule

Our weekly class schedule

unfortunately is only available in German. However, please read this information carefully, as it will aid you in registering for class. On the schedule page you can register for classes (after signing in to your user account or creating one). We ask all clients to register for class (instead of just stopping by), so that we know if there are enough clients for the class to take place and to ensure that you got a spot.

To register just click on the class you wish to take: This class will show up in a new window with the option to register just for one class…..or for several (up to 12) weeks for the same class in advance.

Each class runs for 60 minutes. We require a minimum of 4 participants for each mat class, 3 for the Springs and 2 for the Reformer classes. If this requirement is not met, we will cancel the class and notify the registered clients by mail.

Our class schedule:

Below see a short description of each of our levels for the mat classes as well as information on the other class formats we offer

Beginner Mat class with props for for absolute beginners. Classes are taught in German only.
Pilates 1 Mat class with props for practicioners with little Pilates or movement experience. Classes are taught in German only.
Pilates 2 Mat class with props for intermediate level students with knowledge of basic Pilates principles and a higher level of strength, flexibility and coordination.Classes are taught in German only.
Pilates 3 Mat class with props for advanced level students with knowledge of the Pilates principles and a high level of strength, flexibility and coordination. Classes are taught in German only.
Pilates Gold In this class, we consider topics that can occur with ageing, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, hip replacement, herniated disc or other degenerative conditions. The course is suitable for Pilates beginners over 55/60 years, and also for those who feel that they need to be particularly mindful. We teach pre-Pilates exercises  and Pilates repertory that does not compromise the joints, and the level is tailored to the participants. Pilates without stress, so to speak.
Fascia Pilates Fascias are connective tissue tracts that span our entire body, wrapping and connecting every muscle, every bone and every organ. Fascias want to be challenged, otherwise they will stick, matt and harden, resulting in reduced mobility or pain. The Fascia Pilates Training combines the classical Pilates exercises with different training impulses of the fascial-fitness principles according to Dr. med. Robert Schleip. This can be done for example by elastic bouncing, catapulting, rolling or sensing.
Springs The Springboard is a perfect balance between the Pilates matwork and the Reformer. We are working with and against the resistance of springs, which are connected to the springboard. Exercises can be done seated, standing, kneeling, and lying down using resistance and assistance training to build core strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility. We offer classes for small groups with up to six participants.
Reformer The Pilates Reformer consists of a platform (the “bed” or “wagon”) mounted on or sliding over a rail. This platform is connected to the frame of the device via 5 springs and can be moved back and forth. On this platform you can practice Pilates exercises lying, sitting, kneeling, and even standing, strengthening your trunk muscles, stabilizing the trunk, and mobilizing the joints in a variety of ways. Unlike in mat training, we always work with a resistance, sometimes stronger, sometimes less, depending on whether the focus of the exercise is building strength, mobilization or stabilization. We offer courses for small groups of up to 4 participants.