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The Pilates Reformer consists of a platform (the “bed” or “wagon”) mounted on or sliding over a rail. This platform is connected to the frame of the device via 5 springs and can be moved back and forth. On this platform you can practice Pilates exercises lying, sitting, kneeling, and even standing, strengthening your trunk muscles, stabilizing the trunk, and mobilizing the joints in a variety of ways. Unlike in mat training, we always work with a resistance, sometimes stronger, sometimes less, depending on whether the focus of the exercise is building strength, mobilization or stabilization.

We offer courses for small groups of up to 4 participants.

Our rates are as follows:

Trial Lesson 20 €
Single Lesson 25 €
5-class card 115 €   (good for 4 months)
10-class card   225 €   (good for 8 months)
20-class card   400 €   (good for 12 months)


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The Reformer classes need a minimum of 2 participants

We currently offer the following Reformer classes:

Mondays at 18:30h with Eduard and 19:45h with Isabel

Tuesdays at 10:15h with Romina

Wednesdays at 9h with Ferdinand

Thursdays at 10:15h and 11:30h with Jenny and 17:45h with Isabel

Fridays at 9h and 10:15h with Ferdinand, 14:15h and 15:30h with Isabel and 16:45h with Jon

Saturdays at 9h with Rebecca and 11:15h with Jenny

Our classes are quite full at the moment. To see if there is room or to sign up for a class click here